Chazore said: Reading it like that makes it sound like a complete waste, and that they either have to focus on one aspect, or just do everything completely from scratch all over again.

I'm looking at the game and asking myself "why can't all the other AAA games put this amount of effort into their worlds/visual fidelity?".

It is actually a resource thing. It depends on how many people, how much time, how talented, money, etc.

As to your second point, I don't think it's true that other AAA games aren't doing this(don't know if that was what you meant).

I would argue that RDR2 and Naughty Dog games are there in terms of putting this amount of care and detail into their environments, but Naughty Dog does it very linearly and Rockstar has lower quality in terms of rendering of objects up-close.

Star Citizen is trying to do both, but at the same time not doing it better than those two as a consequence.