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Jpcc86 said:

I absolutely adore this game. The mechanics do get some time getting used to, but once you are immersed, it really is a rewarding game.
The soundtrack is also fantastic.

Its a real shame it had the development issues it had because I haver zero doubts this game deserved a bigger spotlight when it came out.

Perhaps if it launched on PS3 it would have made more success.

SvennoJ said:

It's a great game and I'll buy it again in second if it gets a remaster on ps5.

Not sure what they would improve (besides gameplay) for a PS5 remake, Japan Studios I don't think would care much on making it 4k60fps (but sure they could hire a studio to do it).

Darashiva said:

I think The Last Guardian has some issues with its gameplay, but overall I still think it's a very good game. The story, music, the relationship between the boy and Trico, the look of the world, and many other things more than make up for those shortcomings. Not as good as Shadow of the Colossus, but very few games are in my opinion.

Yep, from all the posts here seems like the gameplay needs a great overhaul.

Vodacixi said:
Clunkyness kills it for me...

It almost killed for me as well. But take small doses of the game for the first 2 hours, don't push it, just play a few, give a rest, rinse and repeat. Once the gameplay get's less strange for you then you can start to like the game.

That is, if the type of game like SotC pleases you.

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