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Don't remember seeing a thread to show the love this game deserve.

Yes it had development nightmare, yes it lost hype along the way.

The gameplay is a little clunky, it takes time to get into it, but when you do, it really does deliver.

Although you basically don't have conversation along the game and most of the time is just you and the "bird" interacting through gameplay, although there is very little custcenes it does convey a lot of emotions and a narrative.

The physics and puzzles on the game are pretty good, graphic have a very nice look, and the fur/feather of Trico are very interesting.

I fell like this game was really underappreciated in here. I can accept Shadow of Colossi is a better game and have a more challenging fighting system, but Last Guardian have enough challenges and appeal to satisfy once you give it a chance (won't deny I was pushing myself around for like 2h, that were made into like 10 sessions because I got bored in the beginning).

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