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pokoko said:
Agente42 said:

Wii Sports and Minecraft are the most important games of the last decade.  

It's not a new style of gaming. It's action RPG game with stamina based. 

Souls-like is not a new Genre. subgenre, at a best. Great and Excellent games is not necessarily a revolutionary genre per se. 

Wii Sports wasn't a revolution and as time goes by it seems to not have been all that important, relatively speaking.  A revolution would represent a significant change in the landscape of gaming.  I don't see much evidence of that. 

Something doesn't have to be new to be important, either.  Gran Turismo wasn't the first racing sim but it undoubtedly had a large influence going forward.

what? motion base games exist because of that. Sony and Microsoft copied Nintendo just because of Wii Sports.  Vr games are only possible because motions controls. It,s revolucionarie, beyong gaming. Nintendo bundle Wii Sports because it's the beast motion games, at the time. 

Your taste is different than historical importance. I don't like Minecraft, but i know, it's a landmark of game. Likewise Wii Sports. The game history is was before Wii Sports and After Wii Sports.