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Machina said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

I've only played the ones made by From Software.  Here is my ranking so far:

1) Dark Souls
2) Dark Souls 2
3) Dark Souls 3
4) Demon's Souls
5) Bloodborne

That's interesting. So you feel they're, for the most part, getting slightly worse each time? Is that because you played each one when it originally released? Or boss preferences? Or...?

I basically played Dark Souls 2 and 3 straight after one another, as if they hadn't been released years apart, so the improvements to for example the graphics and atmosphere were really stark to me.

I did play all of these games not too long after they were released, so part of it is the impact they had when I first played them.  But it is also more than that.  Demon's Souls is a game I really loved when I first played it.  But then Dark Souls came along and I was like, "Wow, this is amazing".  It was just a huge step up from Demon's Souls in every way.  Especially in that, Demon's Souls felt like a game with interesting combat and levels, while in Dark Souls I felt like I was on a journey through a fantastic and diverse world.  Dark Souls was greater than the sum of its parts.  When I went back and played Demon's Souls it just couldn't hold a candle to Dark Souls.

When I played Dark Souls 2 and 3, they were both games I really enjoyed, but they also kind of felt like the same type of experience I got from Dark Souls 1 (maybe slightly worse).  So they get a minor ding against them for not being too ambitious.  I might have to go back and play #1 again, but I do remember liking it the most, at least when I first played it.  

Bloodborne is the only game on the list I didn't finish.  I just don't like the gameplay of it.  One of the biggest reasons I play Souls games is all of the character/combat options and Bloodborne takes a lot of that away.

Last edited by The_Liquid_Laser - on 19 October 2019