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This is one of my fav series. I dont know what constitutes a "soulslike game" cause I see that term being thrown a lot even with games that dont really feel that much alike (at least to me) like Code Vein or Remnants of the Ashes, so Im gonna stick with the classics.

1 - Bloodborne

2- Dark Souls

3- Dark Souls 3

4- Demon Souls

5- Sekiro

6- Nioh

7- Dark Souls 2

For me, Bloodborne is the peak of both gameplay/lore of these games. The fast paced gaming mechanics beats  the  other Souls games every day of the week. The lore is fantastic and the victorian setting and design is just amazing. Not only do I consider it the best of the series but also one of the best games of the generation.

Dark Souls and Dark Souls III follow cause to me they are the standard of the series. Quality boss design, mechanics, good world building and scenario design. Im just edging 1 over 3 because the characters/bosses involved have more importance for the lore. Demon Souls follows them because I feel it it didnt  age as well and the gameplay does feel rough.

I didnt like Sekiro that much solely because its way too rigid with its gameplay, something I dont particularly appreciate. Fromsoft had me accostumed to be given options instead of forced to play a certain way. I didnt like the inclussion of skills in the way it did. And Also i felt many bosses didnt really have the same lore weight as others. Fighting Owl and Isshin is great. Fighting the headless gorilla twice or the corrupted monk twice? Ehhh... Not so much

Nioh is a subpar experience. Many enemies feel exactly the same. The main story didnt really grab me. But some bosses are great. I loved Nue for one, that was my first wall.

I have similar opinions of Dark Souls 2, the lore didnt feel as interesting. Has too many bosses that are irrelevant or shitty. Way too many bosses in general. Not a bad game, but its def. The one that stands out the least for me. 

Dont @ me