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CuCabeludo said:
thismeintiel said:

More like Plus. Paying $10 a month just gets you access to the service. You still have to pay for the games individually. The did say that they will be giving out a game "regularly," whatever that means. And some games will have discounts if you sub. 

I think some people who were excited by this initially will probably be turned off when they find out it's not the Netflix of gaming.

Most people will pick the free version of Stadia, no subscription, and 1080P@60Fps capable. Xcloud runs on Xbox one S hardware and is streaming at only 720P@30Fps.

Most likely. And that's exactly why I think Google will start charging for the lower end service, too, even if it's just a couple bucks a month.

Really, from the vid Google just released, I'd say Stadia is losing interest already. This is the full reveal of Stadia and its launch date, yet in the two days since that video released, it still hasn't reached 90K views.

And by the time the free version is about to roll out next year, people will be getting pumped for the PS5. PS5 is going to steal its thunder. Of course, Sony actually has a Netflix of gaming in PS Now. Considering it just dropped to $10 a month, I think a lot of people will be adding it to their subs, not $10 a month to just have to ability to access their content in 4K.