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thismeintiel said:
twintail said:
The subscription model is similar to PS+ or PS Now?
If it is the former, the answer is a resounding No Interest. If it is the latter, then my interest is piqued.

But only streaming? I dunno. I am not anti-streaming and welcome it as a viable option for gaming, but I am likewise not sure how much streaming of games I would actually do taking into account my life style.

More like Plus. Paying $10 a month just gets you access to the service. You still have to pay for the games individually. The did say that they will be giving out a game "regularly," whatever that means. And some games will have discounts if you sub. 

I think some people who were excited by this initially will probably be turned off when they find out it's not the Netflix of gaming.

Yeah. Then there's this whole idea about not trusting Google. Not trusting them to shepherd the gaming industry in a positive direction. I don't know where that idea came from. I'm sure they'll be cool though. 

The most important things I can think of in gaming are a total lack of ownership, and games that predict my moves for me. And really, most importantly, just Google, because Google really.

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