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twintail said:
The subscription model is similar to PS+ or PS Now?
If it is the former, the answer is a resounding No Interest. If it is the latter, then my interest is piqued.

But only streaming? I dunno. I am not anti-streaming and welcome it as a viable option for gaming, but I am likewise not sure how much streaming of games I would actually do taking into account my life style.

More like Plus. Paying $10 a month just gets you access to the service. You still have to pay for the games individually. They did say that they will be giving out a game "regularly," whatever that means. And some games will have discounts if you sub. 

I think some people who were excited by this initially will probably be turned off when they find out it's not the Netflix of gaming.

Last edited by thismeintiel - on 16 October 2019