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DonFerrari said:
SvennoJ said:

Actually I have played co-op in VR, forgot about No man's sky. I've been playing that a couple times with my oldest son. It's very glitchy though. I spawn my freighter, it won't appear for him. He goes down to an operations center on a planet, the whole planet won't appear for me, stays a gray smooth ball of nothing. But it's fun when it works and we can walk through each other's bases and add to them.

But it isn't local co-op is it? You can't have 2 players using VR at once on the same PS4 as far as I know.

No, it's local cause we have 2 ps4s :) Not on the same system nope. The only local co-op you have is the other player playing on tv. Very few games support that. I doubt next gen will support multiple headsets on one ps5.