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DonFerrari said:
SvennoJ said:

You are missing out on a lot, but it's very possible the best ones will either be ported or backwards compatible next gen. Super hot, Beat Saber, Astrobot, Moss, Statik, that's where the innovation is. The games are better and the costs have come down. Last year BF deal was CAD 200 for PSVR + camera + Astrobot + Moss. I bought a second one so now we can play together in VR. Still haven't done that though, playing Beat saber side by side is about the extent of it. It has no multiplayer just scoreboards, but at least we don't have to wait to take turns!

I don't really like the Switch that much. Left stick is broken, screen is tiny, controllers are very uncomfortable to use. I haven't bought the pro controller though, that might be good, but not willing to sink more money into the Switch atm. Move controllers suck as well, you're not missing much there. They're fine in Super hot and Beat saber but as soon as a game involves movement or using the tiny face buttons you'll start cursing them.

Anyway, I've played so many games on PSVR for so many hours that the lining at the back of first headset has mostly worn off!

Perhaps PS7 will have enough juice to run more than one VR at a moment =p for local co-op

Actually I have played co-op in VR, forgot about No man's sky. I've been playing that a couple times with my oldest son. It's very glitchy though. I spawn my freighter, it won't appear for him. He goes down to an operations center on a planet, the whole planet won't appear for me, stays a gray smooth ball of nothing. But it's fun when it works and we can walk through each other's bases and add to them.