Ka-pi96 said:
Sarkar said:

Because PS5 will likely be out in November next years so PS4’s last 12 months start this November.

TLOU2 + CP2077 look to be great counters for TLOU+GTAV. Then as I said there’s all that other stuff on top of that.

I mean, I guess, but personally I'd count the last calendar year as the last year of a console, and in doing so I'd include GT6 for PS3s final year despite it releasing after the PS4 release.

As for those games, as much as I'm looking forward to Cyberpunk, I just don't think it'll top GTA 5. GTA is pretty special to me and no open world game has ever beaten it as far as I'm concerned (although Oblivion did come close!). I very much doubt Cyberpunk will have a good enough open world to beat GTA and well I can't really say an open world FPS story really sounds like the kind of story that would put it above GTA 5 either.

I also have doubts about TLOU 2 topping the original. It's possible of course, and Naughty Dog have done it before with Uncharted 2 > 1, but TLOU was much much better than the original Uncharted so it's going to be a much harder feat this time around.

I have my doubts about Cyberpunk as well. The hype is unreal, yet this is their first SF game while making characters from scratch without a literary background to fall back on, plus the open world of TW3, although pretty, wasn't all that great. Their strengths were bringing Andrzej Sapkowski's stories and characters to life. Plus cyberpunk isn't really my favorite SF genre and has been overdone to death in games.

But maybe, if I keep my expectations low, the game will be good after all.

TLOU2 I have more faith in. Well established characters that have a lot of room for further exploration.