I've been thinking the same thing; 2020 is almost too good to be true.

But I've noticed over the years that the future always looks amazing. In other words, it always appears as though there are a lot of amazing games on the horizon. Hopefully they all turn out to actually be good games. Naughty Dog has very good credibility, and I have faith in Kojima-san as well. I have high hopes for Ghosts of Tsushima, but I'm not as confident about it as I am the other two.

As for FF7, it certainly looks amazing, and I would guess that it will fair well with critics, but I'm not sure if it will live up to my own expectations. FF7 played a huge role in my childhood, and FF in general is one of my top gaming series. But I was disappointed with FF15 (pacing, RPG mechanics, would have liked more party members, and some female), and I am not on board with the way they are releasing FF7 in segments. I hope they do this right; I really freaking do.

I'm not familiar with Jedi: The Fallen Order, as I actually don't watch or play much Star Wars stuff.

I haven't played a Watch Dogs game yet, but maybe I should try one. When I think of the series the only thing that comes to mind is the disappointment of the original, but if the second one is worth playing, I did just finish MGS Phantom Pain, so I'm looking for something new to play.

Elden Ring seems legit as hell, but if PC is released same day, I'll likely do that instead.