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d21lewis said:
Bit of a stretch. There are too many other factors to consider.

1) Major aspects: Games.

N64, Gamecube and Wiiu have more Nintendo modern games than Nintendo classic/arcade games. 

Nintendo modern games focus in 3d, slow pace gameplay, and funky mechanics. Have great games, like Mario 64 an OoT, but don't have the broad appeal to booster the sale's console. Focus in Tear 1 consumers

Classic Nintendo is an arcade-style, easy to start hard to master, focus in the local coop, new IP try to emulate classic Games (Wii Sports, Arms), New Ip with new vision of classic Genre ( Splatoon), the major games try to emulate the classic Nintendo games( Odyssey is Mario 64, BoTW is Zelda 1) . Brings Tear 2 ( old consumers) and Tear 3 ( new consumers). 

All portables, minus 3DS, was majority classic Nintendo. NES, SNES, Wii, and Switch are more classic Nintendo style.  

2) Minor aspects: Tech, design choices.

Nintendo respect form follow functions. 

The modern Nintendo has a focus on 3d. All design choices reflect this. Your funky controller t ( n64 three hands controllers, Gamecube C button, Wiiu Gamepad).

Classic Nintendo focuses in many ways of playing. NES, SNES, Wii and Switch have many controllers options, and a multitude of different game styles. 

The modern Nintendo tends a more conservative side of the innovations.  Classic Nintendo tends a more disruptive innovation side. 

3) Major aspects: The other companies.

Modern Nintendo try to fight, red ocean style, with other companies. It starts with SNES x Megadrive ( but Sega is likewise Nintendo, a game focus company) and ends with Gamecube. Gamecube is the attempt to emulate core games, Nintendo style. Nintendo doesn't have the money or infrastructure to fight Sony and Microsoft when Nintendo do that, sales plummed. 

Classic Nintendo believes in more markets to invest, sometimes by Blue Ocean, sometimes disruptive techs, sometimes using the two ways.  

Last edited by Agente42 - on 15 October 2019