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Dante9 said:
Shiken said:
All I see is a lot of salt and downplay being thrown around over a very good port. I mean the amount of sarcasm in some of the OP replies that he tries to look unbias with is kind funny TBH. But I digress...

Switcher 3 looks good to me, and I already beat the game on my PS4. I will be playing it again on Switch both docked and portable, as a game like this is perfect for burst play on the go. I never had time for a second playthrough before, but with Switch I do so I look forward to making different choices this time around. That alone makes this the best version of the game for me. CD Project Red deserves my money for this game, and I hope more big games like this continue to come to Switch.

An absolutely huge, story driven RPG is "perfect for burst play on the go"? Well, maybe for a second playthrough.

Just gonna act like there is not a ton of side content and exploration to tackle in short bursts on the go?

Side quests, treasure, crafting, etc?

Then tackle the main missions during your longer playthroughs.  Yes it is perfect for short burst gameplay on the go, but hey nice try at an attempt it wasn't.  Your downplay was horrible and makes you look like you have not even played the game at all.

Last edited by Shiken - on 15 October 2019

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