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Shiken said:
HollyGamer said:

Well so which one is you called "Sarcasm' Because all of my statement are based on DF videos, and why the hell are you complaining about my statement and feeling down of some of the fact on statement, nobody said PS4 version are perfect. 

It seem you the one who feel bad about this port, because you are attacking me personally, further reply i am going to  report you. 

I was simply pointing out how performance wise, the two versions are not that far off.  It seemed you were downplaying the performance of the Switch version based on the framerate while ignoring that those issues exist everywhere except for the PC.  But if you are unable to hold a conversation and want to be hostile with threats of reporting because I pointed it out, there is no use continuing the debate.

Have a nice night, I will bother you no further.  =)

And then you fucked up by saying , that i am doing a sarcasm posting. Well done sir