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HollyGamer said:

Switch owner need to thanks CD Projekt Red , despite on how bad Switch is is in terms of spec t, They still able to bring the games on decent quality and make it (somehow ) playable on Switch although with frame rates going down at 20 to 22 fps

So are we going to just pretend that the PS4 did not drop into the high teens and low 20s, like you seem to be constantly pointing out on Switch?

As you can see, the PS4 had the exact same issues with the exact same cutscenes.  In populated areas where the Switch can dip into low 20s, the PS4 dips to mid-high 20s.    While the PS4 does handle it better, it is not quite as much of a gap like you want people to believe.  And the fact that when someone tells you that the dips only really happen in two areas, you are quick to reply with something like, "Oh well that is where most of the story scenes are so you will be there most of the time" (which again have the exact same dips to low 20s on PS4 as shown by DF)

Then you ignore the fact that the combat and most of the gameplay outside of Novigrad runs steady at 30 FPS, very similar to the PS4.  The visuals are the trade off for portability, so you know people expect that.  However it seems odd that you would constantly try to point out the performance, when the PS4 did not handle it much better.

HollyGamer said:
Shiken said:
All I see is a lot of salt and downplay being thrown around over a very good port. I mean the amount of sarcasm in some of the OP replies that he tries to look unbias with is kind funny TBH. But I digress...

You might need some sensitive matter to be tones down, if you think i made some sarcasme effort. Or Probably need some a real reading glass. 

Or you could just ya know...hide it better?

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