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Radek said:
Jpcc86 said:

Well, thats a shame. 

Then blame Nintendo for making Switch too weak, not Saber or CDPR.

Nintendo could have waited until Holidays 2017 and include Tegra X2 instead.

This is a stellar port, nothing more, nothing less.

I do not blame Saber or CDPR in the least, I have no doubt that they did the best they could given what they had to work with, as they always do. And perhaps you are right and the fact that we got this port working as it does is in itself amazing, I take your word for it, I have no reason not to think that is the case. However I am not a programmer, I can only judge this - and anything gaming related - as a consumer, and the end results is one of the most beautiful games of the gen looking as blurry as the entire world looks when im not wearing my glasses. And as a consumer, I see that as a bad end results. A case of "some games should be played in certain consoles".