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curl-6 said:
HoloDust said:

What's he saying is that game itself doesn't look much like 8th gen game to start with, no matter the platform (runs on potato PCs, just like Rocket League previously). And that performance issues are with 60fps on PS4 and XBO.

I have it on PC, I always liked SE games, I thought SE3 was ok. I find that SE4 is much better game, both gameplay wise and visually, but it's nice seeing more potential audience being exposed to franchise.

I'm aware performance issues were due to targeting (but failing to reach) 60fps, where I'm coming from is more that given we've had games that run considerably better on PS4 struggle to hold 30fps on Switch, a game with an unstable 30-60fps on PS4 holding 30fps on Switch is better than I'd generally expect.

Yeah, it seems like really good Switch port. Honestly, I have no idea why PS4 and XBO versions were struggling with 60fps, game really ran fine on (at this point) 10+ year old PCs.