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It's time to revisit this post.
VG Chartz is currently showing platform totals until September 28th 2019, which is 2 days shy of the end of the 3rd quarter of the calendar year. The results this far are interesting. The Switch has current 2019 sales of 9.3 million units to the 8.7 million of the PS4. In a head to head battle the Switch owns 51.66% of the 2019 sales putting the PS4 at 48.33%. The PS4 has actually made ground since the end of the 2nd quarter in this regard (see above post) and it blows my mind that a console that has sold over 100 million units and is 6 years into it's lifespan can sell so well. It really is a beast.
Most people (myself included) agree that the 4th quarter will be where the Switch really shines but if you look at the poll in the OP most people had the Switch winning this battle by millions... Can the 4th quarter sales of the Switch really be that strong? I think that if Nintendo have any chance of the Switch one day reaching numbers like the Wii this 4th quarter will have to be epic. Sony has a shiny new console looming and Nintendo needs to cash in now. The Switch Lite should help this happen but time will tell. The elephant in the room is also how mediocre the Switch sells in Europe. 10 million sales in the whole of Europe is below par and the Switch needs to vastly improve in this region if the console has any hope of outselling the PS3 LTD.