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Jigsawx1 said:
zorg1000 said:

Can we agree in the middle and say Xbox One has sold average? It's no sales disaster like Wii U or Vita (sub-20m) but not a beast like PS4 or Switch (over 100m) or would average be something a bit higher like 3DS (~75m)?

The Switch is at 38 million at the moment why are you so sure that they will reach 100 million? i think after the release of xbox scarlett and ps5 switch sales will drop alot.

sorry for double post!

Why not it has a monopoly on the portable market and grabs players from the console market as well, it may very well possibly pass the X1 this coming holiday and surpass the SNES come the end of the FY, PS5 and XS will also have very little to no impact on it because people by the Switch for different reasons to the other platforms. No drop is coming at this point people have been claiming that since the PS4 Pro and X1X.