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Jigsawx1 said:
zorg1000 said:

Can we agree in the middle and say Xbox One has sold average? It's no sales disaster like Wii U or Vita (sub-20m) but not a beast like PS4 or Switch (over 100m) or would average be something a bit higher like 3DS (~75m)?

The Switch is at 38 million at the moment why are you so sure that they will reach 100 million? i think after the release of xbox scarlett and ps5 switch sales will drop alot.

sorry for double post!

Don't you mean "fall of a cliff" ?


They said, 0.3% of the sales come from Japan. And Japan Xbox sales currently are about 110K. So the total should be around 36.5 million Xbox sold, I don't know how they did their math.

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