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Unless this thing’s packing a light gun, games like Virtua Cop and House of the Dead are definite no-goes. What I’d like to see are:

1. Panzer Dragoon

2. Panzer Dragoon Zwei

3. Panzer Dragoon Saga

4. NiGHTS into Dreams

5. Burning Rangers

6. Shining Force 3 (scenario 1)

7. Galactic Attack

8. Shining the Holy Ark

9. Astal

10. Radiant Silvergun

11. Thunder Force 5

12. Fighters Megamix

13. Virtua Fighter 2

14. Dead or Alive

15. Dynamite Cop (Die Hard Arcade, minus the license)

16. Street Figther vs X-Men

17. SEGA Rally 2

18. Daytona USA Circuit Edition

19. Rayman

20. Powerslave

21. Quake

22. Deep Fear

23. Tomb Raider

24. Herc’ s Adventure

25. Mega Man X4

26. Bulk Slash

27. Darius Gaiden

28. Albert Odyssey

29. Dragon Force

30. Keio’s Flying Squadron 2

Extra/Special Games

31. Princess Crown (translated)

32. Policenauts (fan translation/new official translation)

33. Sakura Wars (translated)

A lot of English-friendly Japanese imports in this, as well as some multi platform games that either began life as Saturn games or simply add some variety to the line-up. I wrote this up on a whim so I didn’t pay TOO much attention to variety, but I knew I needed a bunch of shooters and fighting games. Hopefully I didn’t accidentally go overboard in those categories. XD

I think this’d be a reasonable lineup for a Saturn Mini, aside from maybe two too many translations.

Last edited by nuckles87 - on 09 October 2019