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Does it even matter?
When it comes to caring about game directors I get it, cause you like a particular game/franchise. When it comes to corporative branding tho. Not so much.
I never cared about on-screen people talking about a game they are gonna publish as much as just watching the damn trailer. Reggie popping out and talking about it had/has no added value for me.

Gotta be honest, I dont have any idea of what Phil Spencer even looks like. I only hear of him when he tweets something that gaming sites consider "news".But again, thats just me, if Phil Spencer retired from Microsoft and someone else took over for him it wouldnt make much a difference for me. But if Yoko Taro retired from Platinum Games, and someone else took over and directed "Nier: Automata 2, Electric Bugaloo" Id care. 

Dont @ me, I wont care to defend this. And saying that Yamauchi was a "personality" is a strecht, genius as he was.