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thismeintiel said:

Absolutely nothing. Just make sure we don't pollute our local areas and adopt cleaner energies when it is financially feasible for companies, and the Earth will take care of the rest. The fact is most of the people who push global warming, especially the bureaucrats who alarmists seem to want to have handle trillions of dollars to do something about it, after they have already wasted billions/trillions of dollars on "wars" on things, with nothing to show, don't actually believe it.

Why do I say this? Simple, if you honestly believed that the Earth is going to start to die in 10-12 years, you would change absolutely everything about how you lived. Instead they continue to fly on private jets and buy expensive homes that use way more energy than the average home. Including homes on the beach front, when they go around preaching about how the ocean level is on the rise. Global warming has been co-opted by the Left just to continue their pursuit of attacking businesses that they don't control.

The fact is 20 years from now we'll still be here, with people screaming that we only have 10-12 years to fix it. The same thing that's been happening since the 60s. Of course, back then it was Global Cooling and we needed to put soot on the poles to melt them to encourage heating. We'll see which it will be in 20 years, since we did just have two years of cooling.

No one is saying the world will end in 12 years.
Thats just you over exagerating.

Every 1 degree of warming we get over the next 100 years, will result in 2 meters or more, sea level rise.
The scientists expect that temp will rise ~3-4 degrees over the next 100 years.

That means sea levels rise about 6 meters.

This results in less space to live on, world wide.... and less area to farm, ect.
This wont cause the human race to die out, or whatever silly thing your imagineing.

It ll make it harder to live though, and will rise prices on foods.