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The world's major political entities (US, China, EU, Japan, India, AU/CA, etc.) need to commit *trillions* of dollars each (less for smaller countries, obviously), on a yearly basis, for the next 20 years in order to get humanity closer to a carbon-neutral state. By some estimates we have less than a decade to reverse our carbon emissions. We may, indeed, already be out of time to stop some extreme warming. We're getting to the point where the positive feedback loop is coming into effect: the world is warming, so more ice and snow melts in the arctic, causing more gas to be release, ,which warms the Earth, which melts more stuff, and so on. Beyond that, a warmer planet means more water vapor in the air, and guess what, *water vapor is also a greenhouse gas*. We need a global war-economy to be mobilized against climate change, and it needs to happen right now.