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2016, easily.

That was the year they showed off Breath of the Wild, and really that was all they needed to show.  I had waited for 25 years for this game to be released.  I really couldn't believe they had made it at first.  But I just kept watching, every damn minute from the Nintendo Tree House, I kept watching this game.  My wife was like, "You're watching too much, you are going to spoil the whole game for yourself."  But I was like, "No, they are only showing off one tiny region.  This game world is going to be huge, and the gameplay looks amazing.  I MUST HAVE THIS GAME!"

The best part is, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the Wii U era of suck had ended.  This was a new kind of software that they had made for their new system, "the NX".  The games would be as fresh as the Wii, but they would be for traditional gamers instead of the new Wii market.  I knew, even before the Switch was announced, that it was going to be a successful console.  (Of course I didn't know it would be the best selling console of all time until after the official announcement.)