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Barkley said:
mZuzek said:
The one with the announcement of Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Metroid Prime Federation Force, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, and ended with the AMAZING showcase of... Miyamoto playing the SMB theme on a guitar because of Mario's 30th anniversary.

Yep, definitely this one. The feeling of "Is that it?" while Nintendo rubs salt in the wound with that terrible music outro, almost celebrating how mediocre they'd been.

I actually like the musical collab. I mean, it probably wasn’t the best way to end the showcase, but it was a nice performance. While I would choose E3 2015 as Nintendo’s worst, I don’t think 2015 was a bad year. Splatoon, Xenoblade X, Smash 4 DLC, and Super Mario Maker were highlights for me.

it was a tough year as we would eventually learn that Iwata’s bile duct growth worsened to the point of his untimely and unfortunate passing. Nintendo not only had to regroup internally due to his death, but also face a rough transition to their next system. Which led to a rough 2016 with little more than a few titles that were overshadowed like TMS#FE or rather unnoteworthy, with Pokemon Sun and Moon, the first tease of the Switch, and the E3 blowout of Zelda BOTW being the few shining lights for Nintendo that year.