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Please. The last thing we need is yet another over budget government organization filled with bureaucrats meddling in something they haven't the slightest idea about or enjoy themselves. We already have a body governing them, us gamers. Whenever someone wants to pull a bullshit move, like MS's DRM fiasco, we rise up with our voices and, more importantly, our wallets.

Your problems actually lie with consumers who don't mind the nickel and dime crap, as well as actual government. You complain about tax evasion, but that is 100% on the government and its crony capitalism, which yes, the Left loves to partake in, too. The government makes and enforces the taxes. They have made taxes so complicated and filled with loopholes for their buddies that we get things where companies like GE had to pay little to no taxes. Of course, the real solution would be a fair or flat tax, with no loopholes, but I'm sure you are against that.

The political point is just odd. It seems you want them to push your politics. But, what if they decided to push politics you disagree with? Would you be fine with that? Either way, them being regulated wouldn't fix that. Many devs just want to tell a good story, with maybe hints of politics, not piss off their potential customers, whether left or right. Unless you think it's the government's job to force business to promote their political ideologies. There's a certain Na sty anti- zi on group that believed that, as well, so I hope that's not what you are implying.

In the end, regulation would do nothing, or make things worse. Especially when there are many politicians who would love to make gaming an easy scapegoat for the ills of society. At it's worst, it would try to regulate what kind of content could be put in a game and tax the Hell out of the industry, which would be passed down to consumers. In the most likely scenario, they would put a sin tax on games, which might also be passed on to us, but still allow any shady business practices to continue. And that sin tax would be wasted on some other government project that the common folk would see no actual benefit from.

Last edited by thismeintiel - on 05 October 2019