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DonFerrari said:

I wouldn't even need to read what you write to say failures come from government "regulating" capitalism.

After reading your OP I can confirm I totally disagree of your premisses, at most I can agree that corporations only look at profit and that is exactly what they have to look at.

That's the sort of top-notch, thoughtful discussion I visit VGC for.

"None, you're wrong, I win, bye bye."

To elaborate: imagine being near 2020 and you still believe consumers are enlightened choosers who always make rational choices while corporations are dumb constructs who will never opt for swindling or band together for mutual benefit in detrimental ways to the market.

Or ignore all evidence that the world saw its greatest years, in terms of productivity, per capita growth etc. during the Keynesian politics of the 1930s - 1970s, later for certain places in Europe and Asia but following the same guidelines.

Last edited by haxxiy - on 05 October 2019