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Mar1217 said:
Chazore said:
A month exclusivity (yes I know of R*'s launcher, but we know it's a deal to keep it off of Steam for 1 month) and expecting me to pay full price for a yr old port job?. Nice joke R*, but I'm not buying the punchline.

Gotta love how they pull out the marketing speak like "first time ever, all new grapical settings" lingo, as if I didn't already know that I was able to crank up a few settings, with them making it sound like it's some brand new "bonus" feature. Reminds me of Ubi's PC marketing, where they make a non fps capped, non res locked game sound like bonus features.

And there's also that part "Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC also includes free access to the shared living world of Red Dead Online "

Like they're doing you gift for such a feature xD I think the underlining tones are more scarier than I thought. They really do expect you to plunge yourself into their MTX ... ugh.

Next thing you know, they'll be telling us that we're able to make use of HDR for "free", or added in like some goody rainbows bonus feature.

I swear these fucking publishers/AAA studios try way too hard to make it seem like they are giving us free stuff, that's already regarded as baseline for years. 

You know what would have sold me on the game though:

Selling it on all storefronts, GoG included (but it won't due to DRM).

Giving all that bonus content completely for free, not having to pre-order it.

Giving all that content away for free on all storefronts.

Not requiring me to fucking use your shitty client when using another client (seriously, fuck off with the dual client to play one game gig).

Selling it for £30, because it's been a sodding year now, with the story out there in the open, spoiled for all to see. I know the entire plot of RDR 2 by now, so the Sp's intrinsic value has been massively lowered to me.

Also giving us a solid port job, that doesn't contain shitty settings that bloat the performance. Also, fuck off with MSAA R* and give me more than just MSAA/TAA. We have more AA options out there.