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BraLoD said:
KazumaKiryu said:

but "Death Stranding" is a new ip :) And the first new game of the small Kojima Productions Studio. OKay Ghost of Tsushima too, but Sucker Punch is bigger.

Well.. Death Stranding has the Horizon Zero Dawn-Engine, that looks interesting. i hope the release is big! and in this poll, horizon zero dawn is the number 2 ^^

overall.. The Last of Us 2 is the number 1, of course.

great taste!! a new ip number 1 for you, nice :)

Don't get me wrong, Kojima is really talented and the Decima Engine is amazing, the game looks REALLY good.

The issue, at least to me, it that the game is more of a playable concept than anything else.

Nodoby really knows what it is supposed to be, this could be another Kojima troll, of course, but it really looks like they just couldn't translate that abstract concept they had into an actually interesting game for people to play.

I really hope it have a very good story because gameplay wise it looks very unappealing to me.

I hope I'm wrong and the game is amazing, tho, I really want Kojima to succeed again, he deserves it.

aaahhh okay, now i understand it : D good to know. then i hope the best for you and me. and the studio, of course.

in 5-6 years, maybe kojima productions is one of the biggest studios from japan ?! that would be cool. i personally hope it very much. but we see it in november, how suceed the new game in the world is.