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Mr Puggsly said:
d21lewis said:
I'm a bit of an Xbox fanboy I guess but I never wanted Gamepass. It looked like a good value but I preferred to "own" my games.

The deal where they converted your Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate was too good to pass up. Now, there's so many games that I planned on buying and so many games I was considering right there for the taking. When the next Xbox launches, this could be a major bullet point for Microsoft.

Now, if I just had time to play them...

I subscribe to Gamepass simply because games launch on it, including random 3rd party titles and they always seem to add 3rd party games I was interested in trying.

I'm playing Bloodstained at the moment. I can eventually own the games as well when I see a good deal.

On a side note, I use MS rewards. I trade the points in for free months of Gamepass. I had so many points that I bought about a year.

Me too! I actually knew nothing about it. Then, a couple of weeks ago I checked them out. I had enough for $45 in Amazon gift cards. Pretty great!

Twitter: @d21lewis