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think-man said:
Was just reading an article on Press Square that said the PS5 will be the biggest leap of any console generation in terms of power. I can't see graphical increases as well as I used to. Even seeing high end PCs play games available on PS4, I can see the difference but It's nothing to write home about.

Probably not as big as PS1 to PS2 in terms of visual prowers  but that alone because our eyes was not trained by the amount of games and experience due to our ages, immaturity, knowledge  and experience on gaming. With today current tech we are getting used by many CGI, PC games, Tech Demo, and how easy for us to comprare . Back then when i was still a kid comparing PS1 to PS2 games was easy and noticeable  because of untrained eyes. 

Also the computing jump is not necessary always about graphic, it could be AI, animation, world building, or physics.