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eva01beserk said:
No flops? What good is this rumor for then if I can't say this console is better than that console. Don't care about raytracing.

Actually,  it give confirmation that all previous leak are connected and there are some truth, We can already guess:

1. Ariel, Oberon, Gonzalo, are PS5 devkit related

2. Gonzalo supposed to be using RDNA means teraflop equation will be different then GCN , so the jump on compute cannot be compared directly to current gen compute power 

2. PS5 according to Ariel and Gonzalo benchmark leaked are running at 2 Ghz and sitting in the level of RTX 2080 

3. Propero the one that mentioned here are probably using PowerVr design as raytarcing this could mean Sony will emphasis on hardware optimization rather then API software emulation for raytracing. 

4. This isn't the final design but the insider mentioned that both next gen console have high compute performance compare to other previous console , it means next gen console will be a very powerful machines (compared to standard console not the mid gen refresh). 

5. For which one is better i guess nobody will able to said because they have not reach the final design , everything can be changed prior to releasing the final consumer product. But some notable insider on Beyond3D and Resetera said the difference between PS5 and Xbox Scarlet is very small it's like comparing Xbox One S (PS5) to Xbox One original (Scarlet).