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We got another next gen consoles rumor for Playstation and a little info for Microsoft Xbox next (whatever you called)  from Gizmodo 

In short:

1. Playstation 5 new Devkit (that distributed in 2019 ) has a name it called "PROSPERO'

2. The person who claimed as insider in the article,  send  PS5 devkit picture to Gizmodo writer to prove his legitimacy and the result is the pic is resembles the  exact design that from the previous leaked devkit 

And then Compare that pic with the previous devkit patent that got leaked  few months ago

3. Another confirmation that both PS5 and Xbox next will have ray tracing and both will be using hardware based ray tracing

4. Both company will utilize ray tracing with different methods and different approach (technique), and in Resetera the writer of the article also mentioned that the leaker said PS5 will have fully hardware while Xbox next will emulates ray tracing  using combination of hardware and API like directX ray tracing API , this the quotes :

" Unfortunately, it's too vague. For example, I read the tipster's comment as suggesting the Sony device would do lots of real-time ray tracing from occlusion to shadows to full bounce reflections and the Microsoft device would rely on tricks to emulate ray tracing. But another colleague read the exact same comment and interpreted it as how ray tracing might appear in titles re-released for the new system. Game devs I passed it along too all had opinions that ranged the gamut from mine to my colleagues'. So until we get a little more detail I'm afraid it's all hearsay."

5. The leaker also said, because game streaming is very popular (Mixer , Youtube, Twitch, etc) PS5 and Xbox next will also try to sell high tech camera for games streaming  (like current gen with PS Eye and Kinect) ) the Insider said PS5 will be using old tech camera, while Microsoft are developing new tech that will replace kinect for streaming and will be more advanced than Kinect with 2ms lag at 4k (Kinect is 8ms at 1080p) ps: please read carefully nobody said both camera will be included like the one in Xbox One

6. This new rumor also confirmed that previous leaked and rumor are connected and there is some truth. "Prospero " is  a character from Shakespeare on Midnight Summer dream . On previous leaked a few months back, we also got a leaked of  PS5 APU benchmarks  from Tumapisac codenamed  "GONZALO"  also the newest AMD GPU benchmarks  leaked "ARIEL"  and the newest " OBERON" from Komachi. All of those names  are from the same Novel and the same stories . Both are pointed to the same dot which is PS5 Devkit (Cerny probably like Shakespeare ) 

7. If PS5 devkit names is legitimate , Prospero names could indicate PS5 will be using Ray Tracing IP and technologies/method from "Image tech " using Powervr Wizard , PowerVr Wizard GPU will be included inside PS5 costume Navi chip or probably Sony and AMD will try to incorporate their design into Navi RDNA  for Playstation as "Secret Sauce . Prospero in the novel is a wizard and PS5 Devkit named prospero A.K.A Wizard = means there is possibility this the key to ray tracing for PS5 because at the time being,  AMD has no concrete solution for ray tracing.  This is the Secret Sauce that Cerny  and Lisa Sue told us a few month ago for PS5. Also in 2016 Sony Interactive Entertainment hired Carl Vloet who was the lead in charge of the software ray tracing stack at Caustic Graphics and later Powervr when Caustic was bought by Imagination.

8. The insider also said both consoles will have the largest compute jump of any generation (Edit by OP:probably if they included ray tracing factor) 

You can also read the same article by Redgaming tech

OK lets the discussion begin 

Last edited by HollyGamer - on 02 October 2019