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BraLoD said:
DonFerrari said:

I would if it could =p

And TLOU isn't even my fave 7th gen game as I like Uncharted much more

You monster.

Uncharted games are amazing (except 1, that one is just good), but they sure are no TLoU.

TLoU is 7th gen LoD, that's how good it is (even if it is still no LoD anyway).

That is why I didn't say Uncharted is better than TLOU, I said I like Uncharted more. Got in love on the first one, like the first time in a long time that I played a game that I couldn't stop because I wanted to see what came next. PS2 gen there were good story games, even FFIX on PS1 was fantastic and got me like one month play almost non-stop. But Uncharted 1 brought all that to a whole new level.

I can pretty much separate my likes from what is perceived as good. I can't stomach to play Halo or Gears because I don't like most FPS, but I wouldn't ever deny their quality, impact or relevance to the industry.

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