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SvennoJ said:
It's nothing new. The left stick on my WiiU gamepad drifts as well, It's the left stick again on the Switch. I contacted Nintendo support and they want me to send them in for repair with DHL. Shipping cost one way is CAD 50 from my place, plus they never mentioned whether the repair would be free, nvm. My solution, not buying anymore games for it.

My Wii U Gamepad started to drift too but it was after almost 5 years of heavy use and it was a refurbished one, the other controller I remember being very bad was the N64 but that was their first controller to have a stick so it's a little understandable.

Ganoncrotch said:
For those people who have run into this issue and have resorted to either trying to play games with the drifting or just not buying more games for the system to show Nintendo who is the boss (I mean... you have a 300e system, you should probably worry more about fixing it) but for those people, why not go on Amazon and buy the replacement parts for the joycons? that's for a pair of 2 sticks, they are there for a single one starting around a fiver along with the screendrivers you need to open it.

The parts are small and fiddly but if you know anyone who has some it support skills or knows how to be careful or follow a youtube video then you could fix the issue you're having by the end of the week for around a tenner (if both sticks are broken)

If anyone needs advice on this I would be happy to give it.

Have you tried those joysticks? are you endorsing them? if that's the case I'm going to buy them, I already have the tools and know how to remove them.

I know... my English sucks.