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Chrkeller said:

The ps4 has been slow this year. But again, that isn't a jab. Last year was crazy great, and next year looks really good too. Every console has meh years. This year is meh for Sony. I thought last year was meh for Nintendo.  Just not much on the radar for me in 2019 for the ps4.  It doesn't help the Switch has been killer this year.    

Whats switch had that released in 2019 so far (exclusives)?

Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (such a meh it shouldnt be in list)
Astral Chains
Daemon x Machina
Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Zelda - Links Awakening (remake)
luigi's mansion 3 (comeing soon)

vs PS4's:

Days Gone
Concrete Genie (comeing soon)
Death Stranding (comeing soon)
MediEvil (remake) (comeing soon)
Shenmue III (comeing soon)
Dreams (comeing soon?)

Factor in big 3rd party games:
Kingdom Hearts, DMC 5, TLoH - Trails of Cold Steel 1 + 2 + 3,  FFXIV Shadowbringers,...

Yeah not the "best" year, but its still keeping up with the Switch, once you factor in 3rd party games, not comeing to switch imo.
(granted I liked kingdom Hearts, and enjoy the Trails of Cold Steel games, and would rather play those than say Astral Chains or Daemon x Machina)