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Chrkeller said:
Biggest game in 2020? Possibly. Though for me personally Ghost tops my list. Plus I'm expecting something exciting from Nintendo.

In order of excitement for me

1) FF7 Remake


3) Cyber Punk 2077

4) Ghosts of Tsushima

5) Nioh 2

FF7 is on top because i never played the original game back on the PS1 (yeah i know what a fuck up) and i just missed on experiencing that game back in the day when it didnt just wow people because it was great, but also because of its graphics and improvements (like the fact that when you changed a sword on the menu the in game character actually had a different looking sword, many other games didnt had that), so now i finally get to enjoy this game while at the same time being blown away by superficial stuff like graphics and attention to detail.

Granted the truth is there is a good chance that when i have played all of those games TLOU Part II will end up being my favorite since ND are just that good, but in terms of excitement thats what my list looks like.