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Chrkeller said:
No bait, this has been a weak year for the ps4. 2018 was much stronger. One can clearly see development has been moved to the ps5, hence the lack of exclusive releases this year.

I agree.

Knowing this was the year of Days Gone i already expected it to be weaker since from the get go that game didnt look on par with the ones we got last year, (granted it aint bad just not on par with GOW or Spìderman), and to be fair we still dont know if Death Stranding will be the best thing ever or a complete miss (i have hopes on Kojima but i dont think he is infallible either).

However i think 2020 maybe on par or even better than 2018 since TLOU Part II looks fantastic and i dont know about you but i think Ghosts of Tsushima is looking effing great as well from what ive seen, so i have hopes... also i know FF7 Remake isnt first party (and it probably will end up on other hardware years later) but thats another huge exclusive for 2020 thats shaping up to be amazing as well, you add another awesome looking exclusive in the form of Nioh 2 and overall 2020 seems like a perfect way for the PS4 to finish the generation.