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First of all, english is not my first language so I apologize beforehand.

Last week my left joycon started to drift, I play 85% in docked mode so it barely had about 80 hours of playtime but it's out of warranty, this is my third joycon that has had this problem since I bought my Switch (july 2017). The first one that started doing this had the stick replaced but after a couple of months started again with the drifting so I decided to buy new ones thinking that after more than a year since launch they would have fix it (joycon drift was already a widespead issue on the internet) but I was wrong, the left joycon started again, I changed them under warranty this time and for some months everything was ok but I really didn't use them that much until last month that i really got to use them a little bit more but like I mention before the left one again is drfting.

In my country there's no official Nintendo support and there's no free joycon repairs, in fact the distributor of Nintendo products here (LATAMEL) has an AWFUL reputation of overcharging and treating you like garbage but that's another topic. A pair of new joycons are around $85-$135 and I can't believe how Nintendo hasn't even adressed this issue properly.

I guess I'm going to start buying the sticks separately and replacing them, I'm already planning to use the stick of my first right joycon. And yes, I already tried with contact cleaner and dust remover.

I know... my English sucks.