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Cerebralbore101 said:
SammyGiireal said:

I still think it would have failed but it would have sold more than the meager 13 million. Because many gamers would have seen it as a future proof machine. 

Third party support wouldn't have been as dreadful, but the issue remains as killer exclusives would still have been a problem. BotW didn't see the light of day until 2017. We would be seeing 30 million units here. An under powered Wii U at 250 would still sell less than 30 Xbox One numbers. Some said at 2010 release...I can actually see the cheaper, HD Wii U selling better then.

How much more though? Would a PS4 comparable Wii U have sold just 16 million units lifetime? Or 20 million lifetime? Or even more? I'd just like a an official number from you. Even an estimated range like 60-77 million would do. 

Or to put the question another way. What do you think would have sold more? An underpowered $250 Wii U with no Gamepad, but with Nunchucks/Wiimotes instead? Or a $400 Wii U with no Gamepad, but a regular controller instead, and power rivaling the base model PS4?

You've said an underpowered Wii U at 250 would have sold less than 30 million.

An under powered Wii U, without a killer exclusive in 2012 sells about 20-25 million if cheap I am talking 199.99 cheap. A PS4 like machine in 2012 should sell more than that. some of the big third party games would have arrived in better shape than in the 360 and PS3. We are talking about a real 1080p machine (which was a big selling point then) capable of running MGSV, GTA etc. Ports which it might have had. 

I can't see it doing much worse than Xbox one which also lacked great exclusives. So for arguments sake with third party support based on the console being competent enough to compete with the PS4 I can see it reaching the 30-35 mill threshold.  No where near as successful as the hybrid Switch is/will be but not near the disaster it ( the WiiU) actually was.