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If i can choose only one :


Gameplay : Exploration, game world, the game show you how to play in a very smart way ( the space station in the beguining make use of the combat and the basic jumping options)

The creatures in the planet ZEBES (Ashola and Etecoons)show you advanced moves (wall jumps and hyper jump)

The exploration is natural and the upgrades and new tools of Samus make want to try then in the diferent places you already explore.

Controls are excelent.

Sound: Fantastic sound effects and one of the best and more ambiental music in any game.

The intro audio "The last metroid is in captivity, the galaxy is at peace.." it lets you know that you are facing something great.

Grafics: Samus Animations, Creatures and world are terrific.

Sorry for my bad english.

Super Metroid is one of my top ten games of all times.

Last edited by Loneken - on 27 September 2019