hatmoza said:
Since TMZ (can I call you TMZ?) is buzz-killing this thread and has replaced his fun commentary with management mistakes (you can’t even put your name in week 4 votes smh) I’ve decided to take it upon myself to breath second life in this thread… starting with the Austrian. I dunno why anyone who lives so far from ‘Merica would even be interested in the NFL… but Wisconsin? Unless you guys like making cheese… oh wait… that’s the connection. CHEESE.

I love you Kitchens but the only reason the Browns offense hasn’t taken off yet is because your play calling is ironically hurting the Clowns this year. Let someone else make the calls. The Ravens will jump to AFC leaders after their win against them, but Browns can easily prevent that if the offense finally wakes up.

How the Lions continue to f’ing win is beyond me. If they win against KC, I’ll be a believer. Technically Lions are undefeated and that’s mind blowing. Flip a coin for Bengals and Steelers because Rudolph’s offense is garbage, and Bengals have a lot to prove in the AFC division. Beating the Steelers would be a strong statement… and honestly, as crappy as Cincinnati is, I think they’re gonna pull it off.

Snoopy… go back to being a regular user instead of pretending to be a big shot better. Go take those plagiarized opinions of yours back to the wannabe Vegas youtuber you’re subscribed to. Farsala. Just because you went to Japan for 30 days doesn’t mean you’re automatically an expert at everything Japanese! That has nothing to do with you or the NFL! I just had nothing to jab at you with.

Do the “Just End The Suffering” have a bye week? This will be their best week yet! Any Dolphin fans in this thread? It wouldn’t be wise to admit you are from Florida in this thread as you are America’s joke dump.

Random paraphrased quotes I’ve come across on the NFL website this week.

-“The Bengals aren’t trying to lose they just suck at winning.” lol
-“Has anyone seen the Broncos pass rush?” lolx2
-I shit you not this is a direct quote “Believe it or not, the Rams (3-0) are off to a terribly slow start.” This is exactly why you do your own sports research.


TMZ, please fix the voting thread so we can add our names… slacker

Sorry, forms at 2:30 in the morning is hard. Should be fixed now. Please go back and add your name, if it was you who filled it out first (or whoever did).