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I finally got an alpha test invite and played it for a few hours on Saturday. I had zero expectations and very little knowledge on the game going in. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe it’s because I also greatly enjoyed the masterpiece Battleborn, but BE reminds me of like a different take on the whole hero shooter genre.

There aren’t many characters right now but they are all extremely unique. I was worried that the game would go overboard with the amount of edgelord nonsense kind of like Sunset Overdrive did but it’s not bad. Mostly it’s a great blend of teamwork with some small MOBA type elements where you can gank enemy players. 

They only had Control open this weekend which is like Domination, only the objectives move around and aren’t all active at once, which forces the action to certain areas of the map. I played support characters and it was awesome to roll into big fights and lay down some heal wards and slow enemies. I can only imagine other modes being even better. The map design was great though, and I wasn’t too big a fan of the character reveal cinematic but the characters are actually very cool. There is a melee guitar character, he literally just goes around the map jamming a riff while you aren’t performing combat moves. 

You can tell it’s been in various development stages for awhile. I’m sure it’ll be on GamePass, keep an eye out for it.