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Mar1217 said:
Objectively, I really like the core library of Nintendo titles during the Wii days so honestly, I'd probably go with the WiiU since I have the add up of being able to play Wii games and WiiU games such as Xenoblade Chronicles X (which is never gonna get ported on Switch at least :P )

Interesting choice. In all honestly that's probably my least favorite Nintendo console (never a fan of that controller or the miiverse stuff you had to wade through just to start a game). I will say though that it was somewhat underrated and certainly deserved more than the 14 million sales it got.

In hindsight it did have some great games - I think it now just gets diminished somewhat as most have been ported to Switch. But Xenoblade X was underrated as it got crushed between the hype of the more well-known 1 and 2. But I liked its open world aspect. NSMB U, Yoshi's Wooly World, Mario Maker, Mario 3D World, NES Remix, and parts of Nintendoland were fun (Sweet Day mainly). 


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