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sethnintendo said:

Just wondering why they have to start all bunched up holding each other then ref tosses in ball.

Scrum is just a means to reset play, generally when there's been a handling error. It can be an opportunity for the defending team to affect a turnover if they can overpower the other forward pack, but it can also be a great platform for the attacking team if they have the right field position.
Same principle for lineouts, which happen when the ball goes out the sideline.

Ka-pi96 said:
Shaunodon said:

That kick was well within his range and when you have the points on offer you gotta take it.

ABs looked poor the first 15-20mins, but a couple moments of brilliance really sparked them back into the game and they kept control from there.

Yeah but... he didn't take it, did he?

When I say "take the points on offer", it just means the opporunity to kick for the posts.
It's far from a sure thing that you'll get another penalty by holding onto the ball. More likely that you'll lose the ball in a collision or a ruck turnover, especially that late in the game when all your players are exhausted.