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super_etecoon said:

Oh you mean like an entire species being aware that their predecessors were all killed in a mass genocide?  Yeah, that's going to create a whole positive, optimistic future for all involved.  Nothing but good ideas would flourish after that...that's for sure.

The sacrifices of previous generations are always seen as heroic and justified, should be the same deal here.

Azelover said:
You sound like a psychopath.

You really have no trouble in killing a whole bunch of people. If this happens, everybody else that remains will be scarred for life and traumatized for generations.

Adolf Hitler didnt want to kill everybody, he just wanted to select certain people, and look what that did to human history. A lot of people thought Eugenics was the future.

OP, this is an awful idea. If you want to improve humanity, you have to drive humans into a place of personal evolution, and spiritual progress. Let me tell you that the system, the global system itself, is rotten. And people in control believe it should be rotten. All it would take is better intentions from the top-down. Less of an effort to keep humanity drowned in water when they would naturally float. You don't have to kill people. At all.. that would only make what we have now incredibly worse..

We're all gonna die anyway, may as well be for a potentially good reason. If that thinking makes me a psycho, eh whatevs. I don't think there will be dramatization or scarring, the idea is that the ones left are too young to have formed any attachments with the previous generation.

I think that's the key difference, Hitler was an idiot who believed some humans were better than other humans. My idea is that we'll all die equally, and then the next generation will be given equal treatment, the idea that any of them are somehow inherently better than another won't even be entertained.

From the perspective of currently living humans it is indeed an awful idea, I didn't doubt people would disagree but thought it'd be fun to share. Anywho, if what you say is truely that easy and simple why hasn't it been done already?