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pikashoe said:
I hope they drive the series forward, 11 was good but I want the next big leap forward for the series to be next. A new version of mega man with new characters and story.

+1 to this. I do want them to close out the X series though, not with X9, but X9 could start the final arc of the X series. I also want Legends 3 and maybe that is the project he was working on first? Probably not.

Shadow1980 said:
I hope that at some point we get a Mega Man Classic game that finally ties it together with the X series. MM11 was a great game, and I hope that keep that style if they choose not to go back to sprites. If Capcom ever feels like classic MM has run its course, they need to give it that grand finale that sees the timeline debut of Zero and reveals what happened to Mega Man, Dr. Light, and Dr. Wily in the decades before the events of MMX.

Inafune talked about this. 

For everybody waiting for Zero to come and tear classic era apart...let it go. Zero is never awoke in the classic age and on top of that, Mega Man classic was intended to be like Mario and Sonic where its just "What is Wiley doing this time?" forever and ever. No intended end.